Monday, January 9, 2012

Destination: Prague

One of my ideas for this blog is to talk about various drinking destinations that I enjoy. I'm going to leave this as an open definition of "destination". This way, I can talk about bars, breweries, distilleries, cities, countries, etc. Hopefully you will learn something or maybe get an idea of a new place to visit. 

In April 2010, I went on a trip with my girlfriend, Lindsey, around Europe. Our first stop was in Prague.  As can be expected of a cheap hostel in a semi red-light district, no one was there to let us in when we arrived, so naturally we found a place to have some food and a beer. My first beer was the original pilsner, Pilsner Urquell. My second beer was this: 

Wondering what it is? Me too. 
After an extensive google search, I have determined that it is called Velikonoční Krasličák. Don't even ask about the pronunciation. Apparently it is a 16% ABV special edition Easter beer made by layering (not mixing) together a light red beer with a bitter green beer. The layering effect is achieved by keeping the two beers at different temperatures. To be perfectly honest, I don't remember exactly what the beer tasted like, I only remember that it was tasty. If you ever find yourself in Prague within 3 weeks of Easter (according to the producer) you should be able to find this unique beer to try. 

My favorite place in all of Prague was the Strahov Monastic Brewery. It is located within the castle walls and has some of the best food and beer that we had in the city. Our lunchtime beverages are shown below. 

They make all of their own beer there and they're all fantastic(I could have worded that differently, but i wanted to use all versions of there/their/they're). Lindsey ordered the amber, shown left, and I ordered the black lager, right. Personally, I think that if you don't think these look delicious, you aren't drinking the right beer (You have to love the dimpled mugs too). Despite their differences in color, both were relatively light-bodied and pleasantly hopped (I like lighter hops), with the black lager having a nice maltiness. This is definitely a place to visit if you find yourself in Prague. 

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