Friday, January 13, 2012

Saranac Chocolate Lager

I have an unusual beer for you today. 

The Saranac Chocolate Lager is a part of their "12 Beers of Winter" pack. It's the kind of beer that you need to be prepared for in order to drink it properly. This is because the cacao nibs used in the brew overwhelm the malts and the hops used.  I doubt you will have tried a beer like this. It differs from chocolate stouts or porters, the traditional choice for adding chocolate to beer, because the lager yeast keeps it light bodied and easy to drink. It really isn't as sweet as would be expected because the chocolate used is actually bitter and the flavor reflects that.  

The Chocolate Lager would rarely be my first choice, but that is mostly due to my personal preferences. Standing alone, there just
too much chocolate. It would actually probably work well in a beer cocktail or a mixed beer drink, like a chocolate black and tan(Mix with Well's Banana Bread Beer?). Someone try that and let me know. 

To be fair, the Chocolate Lager is by no means the weirdest beer I have ever tried. That distinction currently goes to Boston Beer Works' Habanero Black IPA. That stuff burned.  

Shoot me an email if there is a weird beer that you want me to try. I can't say that I will definitely try it, but I'll do my best. 

Synonym Beer: I can't say I know of a beer that is very similar. Probably the closest is an English Chocolate stout.

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