Sunday, January 8, 2012

Procrastination Techniques

This being my first post, I am going to lay out exactly what my motivations and my desires are for this blog. 
 I am a graduate student, so naturally I look for lots of opportunities to put off doing the work that will actually support my drinking habits. Since I am both a lover of beer and beer photography, I figured the most productive use of my time would be to post the pictures that I love to take and talk about the beers that I love to drink. Realistically, this blog is going to serve me more than anyone else. This way I can keep track of how I felt about all of the beers I drink. Ideally, each subsequent post will be a cool picture of a beer with a little background and a short description of how I perceive the taste. Since everything is just my personal opinion, you'll have to do some tasting to really get an idea for the beer. Maybe I can be the push you need to try that beer you've always had your eye on. 

If you want me to look at a particular beer or have anything to say to me, email me at

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