Monday, March 19, 2012

Avril and the Concept of Sessions

I have already made my love for the beers made by Brasserie Dupont very clear. I am going to continue praising their work with the description of their "Table Beer", Avril. Let me start off by saying that is a fantastic beer for so many different reasons. What are those reasons? Well, I will spread them out throughout the pictures below. 

First, I'll explain what is meant by the term "Table Beer". A table beer is another term for a beer that you could drink a ton of, without actually getting inebriated. More commonly, they are known as "Session Beers". There are a lot of session beers in the UK, most characterized by very low alcohol content and a mild flavor. 

The idea with session beers is that you could go to a pub with a bunch of your friends and have a "session" where everybody buys a round. Now, if you, like me, have like 5 friends, then you would probably not be able to drive home, unless you were really pacing yourself. This is where session beers shine. The low alcohol content lets you drink a bunch without getting drunk. It is a way to socially drink without overdoing the alcohol. 

Avril is a Belgian version of a session beer. It sits at 3.5% ABV, which is less than even the lightest of American Light Lagers. It is effectively a lighter version of Dupont's flagship beer, their Saison. Each glass is a bunch of thirst quenching goodness. Normally, you would be thinking that it might be too watery or not strong enough for you to take the time, but I implore you (yeah, that's right, implore) to try it. 

It is full of flavor, but is overwhelmingly refreshing. It's one of those beers that I have to constantly remind myself to drink slower so that I can fully appreciate the flavor. It doesn't really ever work. Obviously, it isn't the beer to drink if you are trying to get yourself drunk. Also, don't drink it and expect an incredibly complex beer. It is a table beer, so it is supposed to be light and thirst quenching. Since Spring is rapidly approaching, take a shot at Avril. As is the case with most of my posts, if you try it and don't like it, I will gladly take the remainder of the bottle off of your hands. 

Sessions are a kind of mature, social, and responsible way to drink. Obviously you need to know your limits, but when you deal with very low alcohol content beer, you are able to enjoy more of it as you hang out with your friend. Then, you can drive home, because no one likes to crash on a friend's floor.  

Avril, in my opinion could be consumed year round and whenever you feel thirsty. At the very least, it is a interesting change of pace from other craft beers, which are usually in the higher range of ABV. Just something to think about. Don't turn your nose up at a beer because it has a low alcohol content. Every beer has it's place,but Avril can occupy most situations. 

Glassware: Saison Glass, Tulip Glass

Synonym Beer: Saison Dupont (It is effectively a lighter version of Saison Dupont)

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