Friday, March 9, 2012

Green's Dubbel

I have already gone over the fact that Gluten Free beer exists and whatnot. As you may have already read, I was underwhelmed by Green's Tripel. However, I had already purchased the Dubbel as well, so I drank that one too, hoping for the best. 

The beer pours really dark and the head retains a bit of the brown color. This combined with the texture of the head made it look like it was a giant toasted marshmallow. The flavor was a little boozy, showing off the 7% ABV. I was a little disappointed by this. Most good dubbels hide the alcohol well. The taste was a little fruity (from the yeast) and really malty, both traits of dubbels. All in all, it was ok. Not great, but a good option if you can't have gluten. It was much better than the Tripel, though.

Fun Fact: Monks in Belgium used to fast for the entirety of lent, but they drank Dubbels to get their nutrients. German monks used to do the same thing, but with Doppelbocks.

Glassware: Chalice, Tulip

Synonym Beer: Ovila Dubbel (Sierra Nevada)

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