Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bottle vs. Can Challenge: Porkslap

It is not everyday that you find a good beer that is available in both a bottle and a can. When you do, I would like to suggest that you buy some of each and see just how different the taste is based on the container. To alleviate your preference, have a friend pour a sample of each for you (preferably in a similar glass). Trust me, if you don't, you will taste what you want to taste. 

Let it be known that I love Porkslap. I find it to be an easy drinking, delicious, interesting beer. Generally, it is only available in a can, but recently I found  a pack of bottles. Naturally, I had to buy it it. I found out that Cooperstown Brewery actually contract brews the beer for Butternuts (although the two places now share an owner). This is to save on expenses. Butternuts only has a kegging system and a canning system, while Cooperstown has a bottling machine. The reason why they are now producing bottles as well, is that some people (bars, stores, individuals) refuse to buy cans and some refuse to buy bottles. By having both available, the market really opens up. 

Now that I have gotten past the business reasons why they have bottles and cans, on to the taste test! I utilized a blind taste test to see what I thought of each. Both the bottle and the can tasted very similar, but with distinct differences. I decided that I preferred the taste of the one that turned out to be the bottle. I was shocked by this. My friend liked the can more. Once I knew which was which, my taste seemed to transition back to liking the can more. That just goes to show you how much knowing what you are drinking affects how much you like it. 

In bottle or can, I will gladly have a Porkslap anytime. It is brewed with a little bit of ginger (adds only a subtle taste that is hard to pinpoint). I don't know if it is all in my head, but I feel like that little bit of ginger helps to settle my stomach. When I am getting ready to end my night of drinking at my local bar, I will usually end with a Porkslap. I like to think it helps. Sometimes I drink it all night so that my stomach will stay fine. If you haven't had Porkslap, give it a shot. It is delicious and makes for some good bar conversation with other people who want to know what you are drinking.

Glassware: Can, Pint Glass.

Synonym Beer: Full Sail Pale Ale (just less hoppy, little smoother). Porkslap has a pretty distinct taste. 

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