Monday, May 7, 2012


Who's looking for some hops in a can? Look no further. Enter: G'Knight, an Imperial Red/Double IPA that is put out by Oskar Blues. You might recall (probably not) the name, Oskar Blues, from my first post on canned craft beer. Oskar Blues is one of the largest proponents of canning beer (they are about to get into canning liquor too!). In general, Oskar Blues produces hoppy beers that have body. Many of their brews pack a punch too, so before you knock back a whole sixer, pay attention to the ABV. 

A good example of this is G'Knight. It is 8.7% ABV, so if you put a few away, you might be a wee bit tipsy. While you could easily just see this beer as an imperial IPA, the Red base of the beer gives it a healthy maltiness. Without this, I suspect it would be a little to bitter for me to handle, but if that were the case, it would be a completely different beer. The ABV does make itself known, with a little booziness. The mouthfeel starts out smooth, with only a little carbonation sting, but as it finishes, you will notice a distinct stickiness. You probably shouldn't drink this as a thirst quencher. This is a beer to sip and enjoy, not pound. When I bought the G'Knight, I bought another 3 Oskar Blues beers. Stay tuned for a couple more OB posts. 

On a side note, I think I prefer IPAs out of cans. I find that cans generally lead to a softer, smoother flavor from their beers. I generally think that this creates a milder hop experience. Perfect for me. Maybe it is all in my head. Regardless, enjoy the canned IPAs more. 

Another note: I pour my cans into glasses only for the purpose of taking pictures. Generally, I prefer to drink straight from the can. I like to think thats how the brewers would rather it be done. Until someone of note tells me otherwise, that's what I'm gonna do. 

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