Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today's beer is the first one that I tried from my variety four pack from La Petrognola. It also happened to be my favorite one.

Florenzia is a bionda style beer, which means that it is a blonde ale. Now, an Italian blonde is another term for a lager or pilsner which is very different from, say, a Belgian blonde. This was very light, but still had a nice body to it. It was malty, but certainly had some very different flavors to it. Florenzia was only 5.3% and it showed. The beer was extremely easy to drink. Florenzia had a kind of soda like carbonation, which you can tell by looking at the pictures. This is a little weird for a pilsner, which generally have a more champagne-like carbonation level. This made the beer have a smoother taste. 

I really enjoyed this beer. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere in which I drank it. We had this in our apartment in Florence, which was on the top floor of an older building, with beautiful views across the city and over to the Duomo. It was a perfect way to relax after walking around. I would probably get this one again. 

Glassware: Pilsner glass, mug, flute

Synonym Beer: Peroni Grand Reserva 

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