Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As I have talked about before, German's know how to make beer as well, if not better than anyone else in the world (your opinion of this largely depends on your taste in beer). One of my personal favorite beers, German or otherwise, is Schneider Aventinus. This is a wheat doppelbock (weizenbock) style. These are basically two different styles that Germany is well known for (Also considered a stronger dunkel weizen). Doppelbocks are a little heavy, dark, strong, and very malty. German wheat beers, usually hefeweizens, are medium strength, lighter, and dominated by the flavors from the yeast (clove, banana, vanilla). A blend of the two styles has led to Aventinus. 

Aventinus is stronger than most other German beers, sitting at 8.3% ABV. I have waited until now to do the post on this because I feel like now is the perfect time to drink one. It feels weird to say that it is getting into spring because it is February, but it is getting warmer, but is still chilly. This is exactly what you need. The yeast flavors are very refreshing, but the body of the beer will warm you up when it is a little cold. Granted, I will still drink this beer on a summer afternoon. I don't care at all. It is just so good. 

If you like German beers and you haven't had the pleasure of drinking Aventinus, go out and get it. Any beer store worth going to will have it. 

Synonym Beer: Weihenstephaner Vitus 

Glassware: Aventinus Glass, Weizen Glass

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