Monday, February 13, 2012


Remember when I talked about good canned beer?

Well, Sixpoint is a brewery based out of Red Hook (Hey! That's where i'm from!), Brooklyn (Not where i'm from!). They, for several different reasons, have decided to can their beer rather than bottling it. In general, they will have their 4 beers out at once (in 16 oz cans) with maybe 1 Limited Edition Beer. They also have other beers that are only available in kegs, much of the time only in NYC.

Today's beer has been lighting up the Twittersphere, and for good reason. Sixpoint Resin is a 9.1% ABV Double (or Imperial) IPA. It is damn good.   

Since the normal Sixpoint beers are in 16 oz cans, and the Resin is 12 oz, but the same height, the can is known as a "Redbull" can. Now initially, you will probably think, "12 oz? When Sixpoints are normally 16? That kind of sucks." Keep in mind how strong this beer is. Do you want to drink anything else for the night? Granted, by the end of my drink, I was wishing for those extra 4 oz. 

As you can see, the beer pours a dark amber color. The head retention is pretty good, but it isn't very very creamy, very understandable for an Imperial IPAs. Keep in mind, I don't consider myself a "hop-head" and generally the thought of Double IPAs makes me think of pinecones. Resin is probably the best imperial IPA I have ever had. It is extremely well balanced, good and malty, but with distinctive, fragrant hops. I guarantee you that hop-heads will actually still like this beer. Sixpoint did a great job of not going overboard with the hops (as usual) and were able to produce a kick-ass beer. 

It is going to be tough to get your hands on this, because it is flying off the shelves. If you see it, buy it. 

Even Molly Bear enjoyed it (but she has good taste in beer)!

I also had the pleasure of attending a Sixpoint tasting at my local beer store this past weekend, which I will cover in more depth in a later post. We were able to try a few rare Sixpoints (not generally available outside of NYC). All of the beer was great, and so were the people. I know that most breweries are populated with friendly, genuinely nice people, but It is always worth mentioning. Sixpoint definitely is full of awesome people (Adam even gave us a growler to use because we forgot ours). I would support them for that reason alone, it is just a huge bonus that they put out great beer. 

More on Sixpoint later, I have a few more of them kicking around my apartment, so a post on a different one of their beers is a foregone conclusion.

Synonym Beer: Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (just more balanced in my opinion) 

Glassware: Tulip Pint Glass, Goblet, Pilsner Glass

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  1. I really liked it, as well...super sticky. I sort of prefer really abusive IPAs-- like the 120 Minute-- but this was right up there.

  2. I'd love to get my hands on some of this, is it available in Western NY?

    1. I don't see why not. Ask your local beer store?