Monday, February 6, 2012

An Examination of Liquor Commercials

Due to a lot of positive feedback about the beer commercials post, I will be doing this post on the world of liquor ads. Like with the beer ads, there are some that I like and some that I hate.

1800 Tequila

What the Ad Says: Drink 1800 if you're a real man. Otherwise you're a poser. 

Reaction: Does this kind of ad campaign actually work? It is very similar to Miller Lite, except that this guy is talking directly to the potential customers. Also, I don't know when tequila was a drink that guys sipped and talked about sports. It's like 1800 decided to make random things up and make people feel bad about those things.

Fun Fact: 1800 Tequila was founded in 2004, versus 1989 for the "Poser Tequila" (Patron).


What the Ad Says: It doesn't matter which Smirnoff you choose, either way you will find your way to crazy, kind of scary looking parties.

Reaction: First of all, how will the marshmallow vodka taste different from the whipped cream vodka? It seems like both should generally taste sweet with hints of vanilla. Second, personally I wouldn't like to go to either of those parties. They seemed weird as hell. I don't like vodka though, so I'm not their target. Maybe that's the kind of thing that vodka-lovers are into...

Jack Daniels

What the Ad is Saying: Jack Daniels is a part of the community. They also love christmas. That's pretty much all I got.

Reaction: I like that they don't specifically try to sell anything. I also love the barrel tree. They have totally sold me on the commercial. Big fan. Unfortunately for them, I am not terribly likely to buy any JD. There are just other bourbons I would choose. Good commercial though.

Johnny Walker Black

What the Ad Says: Drink Johnny Walker Black to act like you are higher class/ a businessman.

Reaction: It's kind of funny. I feel like a lot of commercials now are doing this whole "Look at this cool guy using the product" thing. There are some funny parts, some not so much. I don't think it really needed to be 1:09 long, but it certainly isn't the worst ad.

Captain Morgan

What the Ad Says: Have a great time, but make sure that someone sober drives you home.

Reaction: Great sentiment. If you are going out to get hammered with your friends, make sure that one is not drinking so he/she can drive you home. Unfortunately, they show the roll of designated driver as the worst thing in the world. No one is going to want to be the tugboat for 20 or so people. It is easy to tell someone not to drink if you are a pirate captain, as their only other choice is to be killed. It's not so easy when all of your friends want to get sloshed.


What the Ad Says: Drink Bacardi. It's the original rum for Mojitos, so it's definitely good.

Reaction: I actually really like this commercial. The idea of walking back through the decades to get the original mojito rum is really creative and cool. I have no idea if rum back in the 19th century tasted anything like the rum of today, but I can give them a pass for that.   


What the Ad Says: Malibu can make it sunny, day or night, rain or shine.

Reaction: These guys suck at their jobs. He didn't even try to look up the weather in the various places for which he is doing the forecast! If you can't even convince yourself to say something other than sunny, you have been drinking too much Malibu. Sure, he seems relaxed, but if he actually had a job instead of hanging out in his friend's shack, he would have probably been fired by now.

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  1. Love the in depth analysis of the commercials. My personal favorites were the Johnny Walker one and Jack Daniel's. That commercial not only makes me want to drink JD but it also makes me want to go back to Lynchburg, TN (You really should go it is an awesome distillery tour), the JD commercial get bonus points because I've been to that diner for breakfast and the waitress thought we were from Wisconsin.