Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Untappd: A Suggestion

Today, everything is connected to social media. NBA players are live-tweeting their games, people post their most intimate thoughts about everything they can think of, and people use social networking for shameless promotion of their alcohol blogs. People are using social apps as a way to suggest different songs to listen to, and even what movies to watch. 

So why not beer? Untappd is a app that does just that. 

Today's post was made possible by Johnny Sullivan, who introduced me to this particular app. There are a couple of the type out on the market, I mostly chose this one because I knew someone on it, but other than Untappd, the other major player is Brewski Me. 

Basically, you invite friends to the app, which is free, and when they join and add you, you are able to see what beer they drink and vice versa. This is how it works: You are out at a bar or at home drinking a beer.  You open your app and "check in" to a particular beer. This makes it visible to all of the friends on your list. This way you can rate each beer you drink, suggest certain beers, or just try to collect all of the badges that you can obtain on the app. It is like a perpetual drinking game. I have already gotten the "Take It Easy" badge.  

It is kind of addicting. You can even add me as a friend, just search for Rob Rizzolo. I'm pretty sure i'm the only one on there. It is also a pretty simple way to keep track of what you drink and what you thought of that particular beer. Also, you can link to your twitter account to live tweet what you are drinking. I don't personally do that, but it is an option. Pretty much, if you are interested in incorporating a broader social network feature in with your drinking, consider Untappd. 

Trust me, it is fun, and I need more friends (on Untappd).

 Synonym App: Brewski Me

Appware: Any smartphone

I'll get back to the normal stuff with the next post. 

If you want me to look at a particular beer, drink, place, or have anything to say to me, email me at You can send me cool photos too, if you like.

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