Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mystic Saison Renaud

The Saison happens to be one of, if not my favorite style of beer. It is a little disappointing, then, that I don't find many saisons produced in the US to be up to snuff. Most of the producers will leave off some of the funk and add in American hops, which give the saison less of a farmy taste, and more of a hop bite. This is probably to give the saison their own little twist, but I think it hinders the flavor.  

Despite the shortcomings of American saisons, I am just a sucker for any unknown saison. Naturally, when I saw this Mystic Brewery Saison Renaud, I was intrigued and I bought a bottle. What I loved about this beer is that it let the yeast do the talking. The pilsner malts provide a nice, light backbone, the hops are subtle and pleasant. The yeast gives off a funky, barnyard kind of aroma and backs it up with taste. I realize that this might sound unappealing to some people, but trust me, it is exactly what you should look for in a saison. I was thoroughly impressed by the Saison Renaud and I will continue to try their products (whenever I can find them).

It has given me some validation for my reckless spending on beers that I don't know. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This time I won.

Glassware: Saison, tulip, goblet

Synonym Beer: Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale (That one is coming up soon)

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