Thursday, November 29, 2012

Founders Breakfast Stout

I took this guy out a couple weeks ago to celebrate Stout Day. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Founder's Breakfast Stout, it is the choice for celebrating Stout Day. In my opinion, it is the best American made stout. If you are thinking that I clarified American because the Irish make some damn good stouts, you are wrong. This kick ass in my opinion. I clarified American because I know the Belgians make great beer and I haven't tried too many of them.  

Look at the above bottle. If you see it, buy it. I don't have time to argue with you. Just do it. It is a "Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout". With a name like that, I would initially think that has some overwhelming flavor. Trust me, I am not normally an Imperial Stout kind of guy. My palate usually is overwhelmed. 

Founders knows what they are doing. 

It is 8.3% ABV, which is relatively low for an Imperial Stout. The flavors are delicious and smooth. Unbelievably smooth. It has all of the velvety body of an English stout, but with much more flavor. It isn't overly sweet, it isn't overly bitter. It is beautiful. Seriously. 

Glassware: Tulip, Snifter, Goblet, Pint

Synonym Beer: Keegan Joe Mama's Milk

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