Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Session Black

I know several people that love dark beers, but do not want a heavy, strong beer. For those people, generally my go-to suggestion is Session Black, made by Full Sail Brewery.  

Session Black is pretty light in alcohol, at 5.4% ABV. It is a Schwarzbier style, or a black lager. I've previously mentioned that this is one of my favorite styles. In my opinion, this is one of the best black lagers, even including the German ones (very comparable). It is full of roasted flavors with a subtle chocolate undertone, but is so smooth. The alcohol isn't noticeable at all. My favorite part is the balance of the beer. It isn't overly bitter, nor is is very sweet. It sits perfectly in the middle. 

I also love the little snub nose bottles that they come in. To top it off, the caps all have a rock, paper, or scissors underneath, so if you want, you can play a game to see who has to get the next round. 

To sum up, Session Black is a great choice if you like your beer dark. You should be able to find it and I suggest that you do so. 

Glassware: Pilsner, pint glass, bottle

Synonym Beer: Baba Black Lager

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