Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fermentation Without Representation

While it is starting to feel more like winter, it is still technically fall. Therefore, pumpkin beers are still free game! Not that this really has any impact on the way I drink beer, as pumpkin beer are generally very low on my list. I do pride myself on being a well-rounded drinker, however, so I will sample virtually any beer, provided it is new to me. This particular beer is an Imperial Pumpkin Porter made in collaboration by DC Brau and Epic Brewing. It is called Fermentation without Representation. Get it? No? Me neither. 

I have to be honest, on paper, this sounds like a beer that I would hate. I'm generally not an "imperial" kind of guy, particularly with darks. Also, pumpkin is a finicky ingredient to work with. Apparently, these guys know what they are doing. The beer drank like a porter. That's all I ever want from a flavored beer. I want it to taste like the style, but with a hint of the special ingredient. At 8% ABV, it isn't overwhelmingly strong, which is nice. This way, the beer doesn't have to fight with the alcohol for flavor. I was really impressed with how good this beer was, especially because I went in with negative thoughts. Well done DC Brau/Epic. I'm convinced. Looks like I will be trying more stuff from these two breweries. 

Glassware: Tulip Pint

Synonym Beer: Saranac Pumpkin (Similar subtle pumpkin flavors)

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