Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tart of Darkness

Whoo Boy! 

If you like your beers sour, I certainly have a beer for you here. Tart of Darkness is a release from The Bruery that blends the roasted flavors of a stout with the tartness of a sour beer. And they don't skimp on the sour. The first thing that you might notice about this beer is the hefty price tag (I bought it for ~$25). Originally, this was too much to consider. However, my local beer store had a pretty convincing way to make me buy it: As I was asking the cashier about it, he stopped me, walked to the back of the store, grabbed a bottle and cracked it open. A taste test was enough. 

The sour in this beer is overwhelming in the most wonderful sense of the word. It is like sticking a black cherry warhead in your mouth. You will immediately feel it behind your jaw, but then subtle hints of cherry roll onto your taste buds. There is only the slightest hint of stout in the flavor, noticeable alongside a hint of oak. It is a beer for the senses, jet black, wonderful off the nose, and full of complex flavors. I know that the cost might deter most, but maybe go in with a few people to at least try it. Trust me, it is worth a try.

Glassware: Tulip, snifter, saison

Synonym Beer: Russian River Supplication

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