Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bottle vs. Can Challenge: Heinnieweisse

Here we have another Butternuts creation, their weissebier, called Heinnieweisse. As I previously mentioned, Butternuts recently acquired Cooperstown Brewing and while they still operate as separate breweries, they do some contract brewing between the two. As a result, all of the Butternuts beers that are available in cans can now be found in bottles as well. By trying them side by side, you can notice the differences between the the bottle and the can versions. 

Heinnieweisse is a hefeweizen style, but more of an American style than a German style. It is light in both body and ABV (4.9%). The difference between the bottle and the can was extremely pronounced. Even though the color was very similar, the bottle had better head retention than the can. The biggest difference was very obvious: the can had some serious funk, while the bottle was much more of a traditional, delicate wheat beer style. Based on personal tastes, the can was a far better beer. It was farmy and refreshing, with the sour cutting out most of the sweetness that is normal in a wheat beer. The bottle was citrusy and soft, much better than most American hefeweizens. If you prefer a more traditional American Hefe, then go with the bottle, if you want a slightly sour version, go with the can. To be quite honest, this isn't really the same beer in different vessels, it is two kind-of-similar beers that are branded as the same. 

Glassware: Hefeweizen glass, can, pint

Synonym Beer: Harpoon UFO (although this is significantly better) 

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