Thursday, June 6, 2013


If you have read this blog before, then you probably know that I love Jolly Pumpkin. You might know that they produce a variety of funky, sour beers that I find to be delicious. Some people, however, aren't as big of a fan of the funk and some people love hops. You might think that Jolly Pumpkin has nothing to offer them. You are most likely wrong. 

I'm not saying that hop heads will definitely like E.S. Bam, especially if they don't appreciate funky beers, but it does hold two extremes for Jolly Pumpkin. E.S. Bam is (in my opinion) the least funky of the JP beers as well as the hoppiest. It does have at least one thing in common with the others, it is damn refreshing. It is a seasonal April release, so you might be able to find it around now. The beer brings more hops and more malt to their Bam farmhouse ale, which add some interesting citrus and grassy aromas to the nose. The taste confused my palate for a bit until I got used to it, as there are so many different flavors competing for superiority. Once I got used to it, it turned out to be a very unique, refreshing beer.

When it comes down to it, I'm not sure that Jolly Pumpkin is even capable of making a beer that disappoints me. They do great work. All the time. 

Glassware: Saison, Tulip

Synonym Beer: Jack D'or (if it had funk to it)

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