Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Primo Lager

This past winter, my sister went on a trip to Hawaii and being the wonderful sister that she is, she brought me back some rum and a bunch of beer to try. Some of the stuff, like Maui Brewing, I had seen before, but others were brand new to me. For instance, Primo Island Lager is a beer that I hadn't heard of before. Being an "Island Lager" I wasn't really expecting much, as they are usually meant more as a thirst quencher than a flavor forward beer. On the other hand, craft beers usually have to give you at least a unique and interesting flavor to survive in the beer market. I decided to be optimistic. 

Unfortunately my gut was correct. It is little more than an underwhelming lawn mower beer. It has a taste like sweet, grainy water. The flavor goes away quickly and leave only a slight sweet aftertaste. It isn't offensive, but it also doesn't make me what to drink it. I'm sure it would be much better sitting on a Hawaiian beach than on a cold winter night on the East Coast. Nonetheless, the only way I will be drinking another Primo is if I am in Hawaii and looking for a local beach beer. 

After minimal research, it turns out that Primo is owned by Pabst, which had I known that prior to tasting it, would probably have diminished my opinion even further. I'll leave it as: It is not a good beer, but it isn't offensive.

Glassware: Pint, Bottle

Synonym Beer: It is like a sweet version of Rolling Rock.

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