Thursday, January 17, 2013

Magic Hat Over the Pils

Magic Hat is a well known craft brewery. I generally think of them as a smaller version of Sam Adams. They produce a ton of different beers, a couple are ok, several that I have no interest in having, and I haven't tried a handful of them. Magic Hat even makes a line of big bottles (Humdinger Series), just like Sam Adams does. I don't like to be accused of disliking a beer without ever trying it, so I decided to try their Over the Pils Imperial Pilsner. On the plus side, I got it for a very reasonable $5.50 for a 750 mL.  

I actually had really high hopes for this one, because I happen to love Imperial Pilsners. As the imperial indication suggests, the beer packs a punch, at 8.1% ABV. The taste was different from your standard imperial pilsner. The booze flavor was much too strong for my liking. The beer also had a sticky sweetness to it. The flavor started out with the alcohol bite, then became sweet and fell off quickly. Had it been even a bit more expensive, I would have been more upset with myself. Overall, it was an underwhelming beer, even with my less than great expectations. 

Glassware: Pilsner, Tulip

Synonym Beer: It's like a boring version of Tilted Smile

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