Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nero's Apecchio Red Ale

I trust Trader Joe's to have great, albeit expensive food. When a Trader Joe's opened up near my apartment, I decided to see what kind of beer they had. There were a variety of beers, including a few that I believe are made specifically for Trader Joe's. Nero's Apecchio Red Ale is made by Amarcord Birra Artigianale and it caught my eye. 

Now, you have to think about it as an Italian Red Ale, not the hopped out American version. The Italian Red Ale is delicate and smooth. It has a pleasant, light roasted maltiness to the body, with only a hint of hops. This is the kind of beer that I could drink all day and not get sick of. Not that it is very exciting, but it is a simple, good beer. It also is pretty damn cheap too, which is a plus. If you go in expecting to be wowed, you might be disappointed. If you think that it will be a delightful, simple beer, you will get what you are looking for. 

Glassware: Pint, Mug

Synonym Beer: Actually, kind of similar to Smithwick's 

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