Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art of Darkness and Why You Should Always Buy Limited Editions

Wow, that title is way too long.

Anyway, check out Ommegang's most recent limited release beer: Art of Darkness!

Ommegang puts out a core group of awesome beers that can always be counted on. Their special editions are no different (in that they are always delicious). Usually, these are a little more experimental, taking on a different style, adding an interesting ingredient, or tweaking a process to change up the style a little. This particular beer happens to be a strong belgian dark. It sits at 8.9% ABV, keeping up with the "strong" part of the name. It is a monster of a beer. 

My first sip of the beer tasted like Ommegang's Abbey Ale, just stronger. This changes kind of quickly to a a heavy, more complex flavor. It has all of the dark malty, dried fruit, and slight roasted coffee flavors that are relatively common with Belgian dark ales. You also get a boozy taste on there, which blends well with the flavors, but only if you are expecting it. The dark malts used and Ommegang's proprietary yeast give a familiar taste, but a deep, rich flavor.

Ommegang's limited edition beers are both a blessing and a curse. They are a blessing because they are another delicious beer that you know is going to be good, yet you have never tried before. They are a curse because it is easy to get too attached. I, myself, have gotten too attached to a few different limited edition beers by Ommegang. In my opinion, 2 years ago, Ommegang put together the finest string of limited editions I have ever seen:

They started out in early spring with the release of their Belgain Pale Ale (BPA). You might be thinking that I don't know what I'm talking about because you can get the BPA most places that sell Ommegang, even today! Well, I do know what I'm talking about. BPA was loved so much by the customers and staff that they decided to keep it and brew it as a new year-round beer. Who's the idiot now?

The next release came in late spring and was their Belgian Tripel, called Tripel Perfection. They really hit the nail on the head with this one. Definitely one of the best Tripels that I have ever had. I lament the fact that I didn't buy more of it when I had the chance. 

Summer brought with it a Belgian Sour Brown Ale, Zuur. I happen to still have an unopened growler of this in my refrigerator. It is definitely the best sour I have had from Ommegang and one of the more "different" beers that they have produced. The only reason I don't want to open that growler is because I won't be able to get that beer again, probably ever. 

The final special release of 2010 for Ommegang was the Cup O Kyndnes, a Belgian Scotch Ale. This was the maltiest of the bunch and one of the best Belgian Scotch Ales that I have had the pleasure of tasting. I really wish I could get it again. 

Now that I have finished that tangent, back to the Art of Darkness. It is a really good, complex Belgain Dark. Give it a shot if you like Ommegang, like Belgain Darks, or like good beer. Just try it, ok? 

Also, if you happen to work for Ommegang or are affiliated with them in any way, PLEASE bring back one, if not all of the 2010 special editions. I will personally buy up any of the beer that you don't sell. 

Glassware: Goblet, Tulip, Snifter

Synonym Beer: Brooklyn Cuvee Noir (I miss this one too) 

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