Monday, April 23, 2012

In Honor of the Perfect Game: Strike Out Stout

There have been a whopping 21 perfect games in the history of the MLB. There have also been 10 additional perfect games broken up on the final out (thank you wikipedia). Basically what I mean is that they are extremely rare and difficult events that must be celebrated. What better way to celebrate than with a baseball themed beer?

Strike Out Stout is an English style stout brewed by Cooperstown Brewing Company, out of Milford, NY. Being an English style, it is really smooth and doesn't smack you in the face with really anything. It is 4.6% ABV, so you won't even notice the booze. The hops play a secondary role, letting the beer be controlled by the roasted malts that are used to give the stout its characteristic color and taste. It isn't syrupy, it is just a very good, easy-drinking stout. If you like your beers darker, but are looking for a lighter-bodied choice, give the Strike Out Stout a try. I was going to use some sort of baseball term like an "at bat", but I didn't want to be that person. 

I like baseball, but I am by no means a superfan. I have been verbally accosted on a couple separate occasions when I mention that I have gone to Cooperstown, but only went to the breweries. Skipping the Baseball Hall of Fame is almost blasphemy to some people that I know. Personally, I'll take the beer. Both Ommegang (post coming up) and Cooperstown Brewing Company are really close to the town. As a  result, CBC is really crowded all day, almost every day during the summer season (all of the parents of camp kids). I went off season, in March. This had some advantages and some disadvantages. First, we were the only one there, so we had plenty opportunity to chat with the dude there. However, they were still working off of the supply that they built up during the season, so they only had about 3 of 9 or so beers available. As a result, they didn't make us pay for the tasting, which was certainly nice. 

I would highly suggest taking a trip to visit CBC. If you visit both Ommegang and CBC in one day, you should probably have a DD. CBC gives you substantial portions, so be prepared and know that you can always skip tastings if you need to. I guess you could also make your way to the HoF, but that may get in the way of your day of drinking. 

Glassware: Pint, Tulip Pint

Synonym Beer: Belhaven Scottish Stout

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