Friday, April 13, 2012


Time for an anecdote!

I was out having a nice Thursday night drink with my friend, Dan on a fine winter evening. The bar was pretty dead, basically just us, a couple people that worked there, and a few others. We only wanted a couple of drinks, so we were just sitting and sipping (Saison Dupont I believe) as we chatted and watched basketball or something. At about midnight, we were the only ones left, talking to the bartender about becoming a certified beer server, when someone started knocking on the window. We though it was weird, but the people working seemed to know the guy and his lady friend, so we didn't think much of it. 

Immediately after walking into the bar, the guy tells the bartender to get us another drink. After that is done, he buys us another. 

Then he gets us this doozy:

This is called a grenade. There are a few different ways to make it, but only really one accurate way to drink it. Basically you do this:

Buy 2 shots of different liquors and about a quarter pint of red bull. Ideally, you would next situate the two shots in the pint glass so that they support each other, with one slightly higher than the other. Then, you pull the "pin", which means shoot the first shot. This will cause the other shot to drop into the red bull. Next, you "throw" the bomb by chugging it. Yes, it is as gross as it sounds. 

My grenade shots were (not chosen by me), orange vodka and jameson. I chose to shoot the jameson because I like whiskey and didn't want the flavor ruined by red bull. Unfortunately, that shot came first, so the whiskey flavor was ruined by vodka and red bull. 

Then he bought us another round. I had to stop him from buying me another one after that too. Needless to say, by the time I walked back to my apartment at around 2, I had consumed much more than I originally desired, and all because of a generous stranger.

To sum up what I wanted to say: Grenades are pretty disgusting. 

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