Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tricks using Drinking Vessels

 Drinking with someone new and trying to impress them a little bit? I want to stress little, because you won't actually be impressing them, but rather mildly entertaining them. Still, the two things I will show you below are usually worth a chuckle,  a "That's pretty cool", or maybe a "How did you do that?".

Frankly, I would be shocked and appalled if someone hadn't seen this before, mostly as someone related to the sciences, but also as a drinker. Effectively, the idea is that at a certain volume left in the can (somewhere near half), the can is able to balance at an angle on the ridge that is on the bottom of the can. If done properly, the can is actually reasonably stable, and can roll around the rim without falling over. It's kind of fun, and I usually do this every time I am drinking out of a can. Next time you are drinking, give it a shot. Just make sure that you have consumed enough so as to not let any pour out when you tilt it. Do a "trial by error" method to figure out how much you need in the can to balance it. It will sort of impress your friends, but not really.

This next trick is for the classier bunch. If you are drinking out of a corked bottle (this can be champagne as well as beer), then you will be left with a cork cage after opening the bottle. Generally, this is just trash, but as you can see above, they can also be used to make bistro chairs that are oversized for Lego men, but very undersized for people. It is actually a relatively simple process to this:

1) Untwist the wire that is running through the legs of the chair (the part that holds the cork cage to the bottle).
2) Take this wire out.
3) Twist the ends of the wire on to two adjacent legs.
4) Twist the top of the wire to look more like a bistro chair (if you are good, you can make shapes).

It is a pretty simple, quick process, and you can give the result to one of your friends. They might like it. Who knows? What I do know is that I find it to be kind of funny to wake up in the morning and find a cork cage chair from the previous night. Plus I just like beer decoration in general.

Look, I made a bistro set! 

I tried to think of a standard bottle trick, but the two I could think of were: 1) Tapping the bottom of your bottle on the top of a friend's and watching their beer overflow, 2) Using a knife to cut the top off of the bottle. Both of these waste beer and I'm pretty sure someone would injure his/herself while trying the second one. 

Next time you are drinking, give either of these a shot, or don't. I don't rightly care. All I know if that I think it's fun, so I am going to continue to do so. 

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