Thursday, April 4, 2013

Foster's Premium

I might be a beer snob, but I am also an equal opportunity beer snob. I don't care if a beer is mass produced or craft brewed as long as it tastes good. The correlation just happens to be that most of the time, the beers that I enjoy are craft brewed. Still, I don't want to be accused of being uninformed, so I will occasionally try some extremely mass produced beers. Even if I know I will dislike them, I try them, if for no other reason than to have justification for my overly aggressive remarks at beer commercials.  

I have a vague memory of someone who's beer opinion I trust, telling me that Foster's Premium isn't half bad. Either I made up this memory, or they meant that it was completely bad, because this beer was terrible. I'm sure that "premium" means that the alcohol content has been boosted (to a staggering 5.5% ABV). It basically tasted like boozy Foster's. The only redeeming part about this silly purchase of mine was that it only cost about $2 for a giant can. Still, there are similarly cheap, bigger cans of better beer available, so I can't really see myself ever trying this again. 

Wait! There was another redeeming part about buying this beer! I was finally justified in opening a beer by using my giant "That's-not-a-knife-this-is-a-knife" buck knife (Seriously, I stabbed the beer open).

Glassware: Can

Synonym Beer: I don't know, Natty Ice? 

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  1. I can see you've played knifey-spoony before.

  2. I read all blogs that with the search word natty ice.