Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Organic Chocolate Stout

Far and away, I consider Samuel Smith's to be my favorite English beer company. They have a large variety of styles to choose from and they all refuse to disappoint me. They are skilled in the arts of making pale, dark, light, or heavy beers. One thing that the beers have in common is their quality. Sam Smith's makes beer that stands apart from many other English brewers for one main reason: I think that they have complex taste. 

I absolutely had to buy this when I saw it. I'm a fan of chocolate stouts, but I also know that they can be easily messed up. Sam Smith does it right. It isn't like any American chocolate stout that I have tried (they tend to be bigger beers, more focus on the stout). They managed to make a beer that tastes like beautiful blend between a nice, dry stout, and a chocolate bar (but a good chocolate bar). They keep it from being very sweet at all, while still making you feel like you have a glass full of dessert. Even though it is only 5% ABV, I could only really have one glass. This is one of those beers that shares really well. I just want something a little different from a beer that I will drink a lot. If you like chocolate, I would highly suggest it. 

Glassware: Pint, Tulip, Snifter

Synonym Beer: Young's Double Chocolate Stout (Young's has a creamier mouthfeel to it) 

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