Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reinaert Wild Ale

Not all gambles go well, even in the beer world. I bought this one mainly because I saw two separate things: Wild Ale and Belgium. 

Generally what I expect when I see "wild ale" is a beer that has a good deal of funk to it. Depending on what kind of wild ale (brown, saison, blonde, etc) you will get different levels of malt to balance out the tart that comes from the wild yeast. This happens to be a blonde ale, so I was expecting a lighter body beer, with a good deal of alcohol (9% ABV), but with a substantial funk to it. This isn't what I received. There is a good chance that it was just a bad bottle from sitting for too long or something of the sort, but  all that I tasted was grainy malt flavor with a good deal of alcohol and only the slightest hint of sour. It  could have been my fault (I didn't check the date), but it is unfortunate nonetheless. I don't want to give up hope because the style has great potential. This time, my gamble didn't work out. Next time I try it, I will make sure it is fresh. 

Glassware: Saison, Tulip

Synonym Beer: Mikkeller It's Alive (although the Mikkeller has more funk) 

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