Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old Rasputin XII

I have briefly talked about aging beer in some of my former posts. From now on, when I talk about the idyllic beer to cellar, think of this one. When this beer was released, I wasn't even legal to drink yet. It was released in the summer of 2009. My parents bought a bottle (may or may not have been at my request) shortly after it was released, then we proceeded to leave it in the wine cellar and forget about it. 

We forgot about it until the fall of 2012. While 3.5 years isn't all that long when it comes to aging beer, just imagine how hard it is to not drink a beer that you own for that time span. 

 I am always afraid that I won't like imperial stouts because I have tried ones that have put me off of the style. They are often aggressive, lead-heavy and the bourbon barrel aged ones can be so complex that it is hard to get your taste buds to function properly. Maybe my issue is that I don't let them mature. This beer was far and away the best imperial stout that I have ever tried. It was unbelievably smooth and the aging allowed the flavors to mellow. The roasted malts blended so well together with the sweetness from the bourbon barrel. The booziness was nonexistent, which is impressive for an 11.2% ABV beer. I could have consumed the entire thing if it weren't for things like "sharing", "family", and "the fact that it wasn't actually my beer".

Next time I find an Old Rasputin (preferably an anniversary) I am going to buy it and cellar it. It is amazing what a few year can do to improve the overall beer drinking experience. I'll call it an investment. 

Glassware: Snifter, Goblet

Synonym Beer: Brooklyn Black Ops

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  1. Interesting! What is your opinion on the Founders KBS aged stout? My experience with bourbon aged stouts has been less than stellar, looking for a good one. And any idea how long it was aged in barrel?

  2. I actually have never had the pleasure of trying the KBS. It is really tough to get in upstate NY. No idea how long the Old Rasputin is aged. In terms of good bourbon aged stouts, you might want to just let them sit for a while and let the flavors mellow. Otherwise the bourbon really overwhelms the beer.